Pickleball for all ages! As we are just starting out we need players with nets and balls. If there are any questions feel free to ask!

Sport Pickleball
Home city Fall River
Team members 128 (Player list)

Hi James, I signed up for the Sun 12/4 beginner session but I’m wondering if there are any clinics scheduled? I’ve played a couple of times and could use some tips! Thank you. Laura G


Hey Laura, I usually try and help people with their game at the beginner sessions. It’s easier for me to watch people play or they can tell me what the need help on.


Also the beginner session day is actually on Saturday! Thank you for bringing it up or I would not have noticed!


Hey everyone, the event is actually on Saturday not Sunday! I must’ve pressed the wrong day by mistake!

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Contact Information

Contact person: James Crosson, jamesmcrosson@gmail.com, 4012977836

We normally play Tues and Thurs around 5 P.M.